Michelle Clark - Hospital Manager


Michelle Clark has been with the practice since the fall of 2019.

Prior to moving to Chesapeake in 2018, she was a founding member of an animal rescue based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. During that time, she gained a plethora of knowledge on animal medicine, working closely with trusted veterinarians to aid in healing very sick animals, while being educated on the importance of veterinary care from the earliest stages of a pet's life. Rescue work was so rewarding that she naturally gravitated to vet med when her family relocated to Chesapeake. She started as a part-time receptionist in 2019. She transitioned to team lead in mid-2020 and became hospital manager in July of 2023.

Michelle lives in Chesapeake with her husband and 4 children. They have 2 dogs, Walter and Izzy, along with 5 cats, Hermione, Monkey, Rose, Winnie, and Floki. Away from the hospital, she enjoys spending time with her family, listening to music, and watching too much TV.